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Naviga appoints Ben Edwards

Naviga, a provider of software solutions to publishing companies, has appointed Ben Edwards as sales director.

Naviga appoints Ben Edwards

Ben will be tasked by Naviga with helping publishers enhance their print and digital products, drive audience engagement, manage ad sales and subscriber revenues, augment digital media commerce and empower journalists, across UK and European media markets.

Bryan Hooley, EVP of International Sales at Naviga said: “Ben will be working with UK and European publishers across a wide range of print and digital projects, as Naviga look to offer publishers a platform to consolidate and replace legacy CMS, audience, advertising, digital media commerce and editorial products.”

Ben Edwards.

Ben Edwards has been working on the vendor side of media and publishing for over ten years and says Naviga can help traditional media brands in a number of ways: “I believe it's a great time for media to attack the advertising opportunities against Google and Facebook, plus for publishers to gain wallet-share amongst the plethora of other subscriber services.”

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