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Balance chooses Canvasflow and BORN Group to launch web app

Following on from helping ‘Stylist’ react to the Coronavirus pandemic, Canvasflow has recently turned its attention to ‘Balance’ the monthly wellness publication handed out to London’s main tube station users and through selected distribution points.

Balance chooses Canvasflow and BORN Group to launch web app
Christian Price: “Opting for the web app is a great way to cost effectively test a digital version.”

Faced with a similar challenge to Stylist, Balance could no longer connect with its audience via physical distribution during lockdown resulting in an initial period of inactivity. A new strategy (which launched this week) sees Balance print a limited run of 100,000 copies in conjunction with a new web app built using Canvasflow.

Balance are using their usual InDesign workflow to produce a 38 page summer special edition, but now, digital content production has been outsourced to Canvasflow strategic partner BORN Group who then use the Canvasflow InDesign plugin to automate the export of fully responsive content from InDesign into the Canvasflow platform. Once there it is rapidly enhanced with video, galleries and additional content before being published to the web.

According to Canvasflow, the solution offers Balance a means to reconnect with existing readers as well as growing new audience and offering deeper engagement. Balance can experiment cost effectively with a new offering that delivers a fully responsive reader experience to every platform it is viewed upon including mobile without the additional cost of a native app. Adding an app at a later point is simple once content is in Canvasflow as the platform connects to all of the major app platform providers which guarantees that Balance have a flexible solution.

Carlo Burci, Digital Operations Manager at Balance says: "Canvasflow was recommended to us at a critical time for our business. With the lockdown in full effect we had to stop printing Balance and Canvasflow has proven to be the perfect partner to launch our new digital version. We opted to outsource the production to Canvasflow’s strategic partner BORN group and everything was completed in just a few days, then we worked directly with Canvasflow on the final iterations and we are delighted with the result.”

Christian Price, Commercial Director at Canvasflow says: “We were delighted to help Balance at such a pivotal time for their business. Opting for the web app is a great way to cost effectively test a digital version, the flexibility of Canvasflow means they can switch to a native app at any time with no additional production work being required."

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