Dominic Carter takes on new role at The Sun

As part of a restructure, News UK has appointed Dominic Carter as EVP, Publisher for The Sun. Previously, Dominic held the group role of Group Chief Commercial Officer.

Dominic Carter takes on new role at The Sun
Dominic Carter.

The move is part of the company’s restructuring of sales, marketing and technology operations, focusing on three different divisions: The Sun, (primarily ad driven); The Times and The Sunday Times (focused on subs revenues); and Broadcasting, which includes Virgin Radio, talkSPORT and talkRADIO, podcasts and the soon-to-launch TalkTV.

As reported by campaign, News UK previously brought together ad sales across the group in its commercial unit, The Bridge, and most of the team will be split up and moved into the respective brands. It is understood that the publisher will keep some central capability for clients that want multi-platform solutions.

In an internal memo, News UK Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks said that the move will mean the three brand units will each have dedicated sales, marketing and tech teams, rather than being “shared across the whole business with competing interests for prioritisation”.

“Our aim is to build strong teams which have very clearly defined goals and the ability to make fast progress. This is not a cost-cutting exercise but an initiative to turbocharge the business.”

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