Headleys adds third Heidelberg 10-unit long perfector

Ashford-based printer Headley Brothers has invested in a third Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-10-P; what it claims is the number one 700 x 1,000mm perfecting press on the market.

Headleys claim that another SM 102 will prove to be compatible in terms of training, support, back up, stock-holding, roller size, plate size and compatibility with existing prepress and finishing equipment. The 10-unit press combines maximum efficiency with flexibility; flexibility in the form of the press's 10 units, which allow for in-line sealing and perfecting on four-colour jobs, and the efficient printing of spot colours, and in the form of its CutStar unit.

The CutStar offers the flexibility of feeding the press with paper in reel form. This enables a sheetfed press to run lower paper grammages and reduces waste by cutting to the specific format required. The accuracy of register and reliable sheet transport significantly reduces waste generation, and the machine is equipped with an adjustable ink fountain for faster ink changes.

This, continues Headleys, is a valuable asset for their publishing clients, who increasingly need to source environmentally responsible print, and fits well with Headley Brothers' environmental stance, since it is ISO 14001 accredited and holds both PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody certificates.

The SM 102 handles work of up to 720 x 1020mm at a perfecting speed of 12,000sph, with a minimum sheet size of 400 x 480mm in perfecting mode or 340 x 480mm in straight printing. It is a highly sophisticated press, featuring quick make-ready and very high productivity, and can print up to five colours, or four colours plus a sealer, in one pass. The company can therefore respond to customers' requirements with maximum quality, precision, flexibility and speed.

"A new ten-colour perfecting press is a considerable and timely investment," says managing director Roger Pitt (pictured). "Our investment in previous SM 102 presses has been hugely successful, and has provided us with the maximum efficiency and flexibility that we need to hedge against specific market downturns. The SM 102 with CutStar is extremely flexible in terms of product size, and paper wastage is lower. Considering the trend towards shorter print runs in certain magazine sectors, this press provides us with the flexibility to cater for those variations."

"We have chosen a ten-colour rather than an eight-colour because this press must last 10 to 15 years," says Mr Pitt. "Some work, especially where silk and satin papers are used, need to be sealed to prevent marking and with our commercial work in particular there is some demand for spot colours. We need to do complete jobs in one pass."