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Lumen releases report from PwC

Lumen says it is the first company to be assessed by the global consulting firm PwC on the ROI of attention technology.

Lumen releases report from PwC
Mike Follett: “We are excited to partner with PwC in this review of our attention technology solutions.”

Technology provider, Lumen Research, has released a report from PwC which reviews the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform (LAMP) - making it the first attention technology product to be assessed by PwC.

From June 2022 to October 2022, PwC conducted a detailed walkthrough with Lumen on the company’s attention prediction methodology across both global and domain models. PwC reviewed the application of Lumen's methodology for three blue-chip advertisers; assessing the datasets and calculations used to verify the correlation between attention and click-through rate and conversion, in comparison to viewability, says the company.

PwC found that Lumen’s attention model correctly predicted whether an impression was viewed 70% of the time, where “viewed” is measured by a detected eye gaze on an ad for at least 100 milliseconds.

The review’s findings demonstrated that attention per impression was correlated with superior click-through rates and conversion, in comparison to viewability. This indicates the importance of attention metrics for brands as a way to drive better performance across both engagement and purchase orders. The relationship between predicted attention and brand lift metrics such as ad recall was more complicated, and in line with viewable time metrics. This likely points to the impact of brand size and creative execution in influencing these softer measures.

“We are excited to partner with PwC in this review of our attention technology solutions,” says Mike Follett, CEO. “This review proves the value of attention in the advertising media mix by demonstrating a clear correlation between Lumen’s attention optimization model and higher click-through rates and conversions, as well as the superiority of attention to viewability as a way to drive better results for ad campaigns.”

“We found that Lumen’s approach to measuring the impact of attention was both logical and unbiased,” says Sam Tomlinson, PwC’s media leader. “This assessment helps show that attention metrics can provide a meaningful and actionable new form of measurement for advertisers for digital advertising.”

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