Media Carrier extends ABC certified audited activity

Media Carrier has increased the current categories of certified activity to include ‘Multiple Copy Business Sales’ and ‘Free Requested’, helping publishers to extend their reach and boost their circulation figures.

Media Carrier extends ABC certified audited activity
Patrick King: “It demonstrates our capability to support the reporting of digital editions as an important service for our UK clients.”

Media Carrier, a digital distribution partner for publishers, has been an Associate member by ABC since May 2017.

Media Carrier was founded in Germany in 2011 and opened its UK subsidiary in 2015. Its Media Box is primarily used by international travel and hospitality companies, such as the Lufthansa Group, Virgin Atlantic or the Radisson Blu and Mandarin Oriental hotel chains, to provide their customers and guests with an attractive content service. Publishers partnering with Media Carrier can thus access an international and attractive valuable new readership, says the company.

Jan Pitt, Commercial Director at ABC, says: “Congratulations to Media Carrier on the renewal of their ABC Accreditation. For a fourth consecutive year Media Carrier have worked with ABC to prove their expertise and commitment to working to industry agreed standards. Keeping abreast of our Standards changes, this year they’ve Multiple Copy Business Sales for Consumer Magazines and National Newspapers along with Free Digital Editions (for Regional Publications) to their certification. Their ABC Accreditation clearly demonstrates a commitment to enhancing trust and transparency in our industry, and brings added benefit to the publishers using their platform.”

“The increase in certified reporting categories is great news for Media Carrier and publisher alike,” stresses Patrick King, Media Carrier UK’s Commercial Director. “It demonstrates our capability to support the reporting of digital editions as an important service for our UK clients. We already work with more than 150 British titles, including the Daily Mail and Financial Times, for whom we simplify global distribution, reduce logistics costs and enable controlled distribution by providing detailed download statistics for individual publications. Apart from the overall benefit of boosting audited circulation, the Media Box is also a great discovery tool in particular for smaller and niche publications.”

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