New Chair of PDF appointed

The board of the Press Distribution Forum has appointed Grant Jordan as the new Chair of the Press Distribution Forum.

New Chair of PDF appointed

Grant will take up the position from 12th January 2019 and brings with him significant industry experience in a career spanning over 30 years in senior newspaper and magazine supply chain-based roles.

Grant has long been involved with the PDF and plays a key role in supporting the Press Distribution Charter together with initiatives to drive more openness with retailer complaints within the supply chain, says the board.

The board said it wanted to recognise the immense contribution made by Frank Straetmans who stepped down as Chair after a two-year tenure at the end of 2018. Frank was instrumental in evolution of the PDRP together with the ongoing development of the Press Distribution Charter. Frank will continue to serve on the PDF.

Grant stated: “I would like to pass on my personal thanks to past Chair Frank Straetmans and hope to build on his achievements through 2019. Under my Chairmanship the board will be introducing a fresh, more open platform to give clearer public awareness of retailer complaints and the management of them. We will be working to improve retailer access and understanding of the Press Distribution Charter which will ensure the continued provision of an independent, transparent and properly accountable complaints process.”