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News UK launches new production and distribution service

News UK has today launched a new division for the company - Newssolutions. Offering the newspaper and magazine industry an “unrivalled and world-class production and distribution service”, News UK says it will also provide the opportunity for them significantly to reduce costs and increase margins.

In a market where print sales for some have fallen between five and 12 per cent and consumers are taking advantage of the choice delivered in the digital era, a sustainable future can be secured by maximising economies of scale, says News UK.

With today’s announcement Newssolutions becomes the parent holding company for News UK’s Newsprinters and Newslogistics businesses. Newsprinters is the largest printer of newspapers in the UK printing 40m newspapers a week of which 16m are for third parties. Newslogistics, which runs all of the company’s distribution services, is already established within and around the M25.

Newssolutions has expertise and services that can help independent publishers looking for support with multiple retail representation, regional titles looking for services in driving acquisition, and national titles developing home news delivery.

The team will offer a new Operations and Technology service that will complement the more traditional print and distribution opportunities. Headed by Tracey Hart, News UK's Commercial Director of Operations, it says it is keen to share with the industry its expertise in areas such as retail allocations, digital editions, dashboard reporting and cloud management.

Mike Darcey, CEO, News UK, said: “We have invested heavily and intelligently in print production and distribution because we believe there is a sustainable future for printed journalism alongside the digital choices available to consumers. With shrinking print circulation challenging publishers, we have identified the opportunity to collaborate and achieve the economies of scale that will ensure we all have a thriving and profitable future for the printed product.”

Tracey Hart, Commercial Director of Operations, News UK said: “We have built a quality and innovative team with the expertise to deliver the savings and margins that publishers are striving for. They are ready to talk and look forward to developing mutually prosperous partnerships across the publishing industry.”

Tracey Hart joined News UK in May, 2014. Prior to this she was Head of Sales and Marketing for The Daily Mail and was recruited for her extensive experience in providing revenue generating services to publishers, be that in print, distribution or other related services.