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OpenAthens receives award

OpenAthens has received platinum in the 2024 Modern Library Awards from LibraryWorks.

OpenAthens receives award
Jon Bentley: "The OpenAthens team is delighted to receive the MLA platinum award once again.”

OpenAthens, a single sign-on solution, has announced it has received a platinum award in LibraryWorks’ tenth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs) for the sixth consecutive year.

The MLAs were created to recognize products and services in the library industry. Only customers with experience of these products and services were permitted to judge, resulting an unbiased score. Each judge scored the product on a numeric basis from 1-10 on a series of questions regarding quality, functionality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Commenting on OpenAthens’ total score of 9.28, commercial director Jon Bentley stated: "The OpenAthens team is delighted to receive the MLA platinum award once again. We spend a lot of time reflecting on and understanding the needs of the libraries and librarians we serve. To receive recognition in this way supports the work of everyone who works on OpenAthens. It's a great accolade and means a great deal to our teams."

For over 25 years OpenAthens says it has helped more than 3,000 organizations worldwide to provide access to online resources for their end users.

OpenAthens says it can:

  • Offer secure single sign-on and IP proxy access as a complete solution, creating a seamless experience for learners and researchers to access library resources wherever they are.
  • Supply organizations with granular usage statistics using reporting tools. Libraries use these to analyze resource engagement and different user groups for budgeting and content licensing purposes.
  • Integrate with existing library systems, directories, and discovery services to improve the user journey.

Feedback from the judges who use the product was anonymized by LibraryWorks and reflects OpenAthens’ commitment to a customer-centric product and its customer service.

One judge commented: “Our decision to make use of OpenAthens has been one of the most rewarding of the last three years. We have integrated the product across the majority of our resources and locations, and are looking specifically to build several services under development around OpenAthens as part of our agreed corporate strategy.”

Jenny Newman, publisher and MLA program manager said: “It’s no surprise that OpenAthens scored so well. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry since their company entered the market over 25 years ago.”

In addition to winning this year’s platinum award, OpenAthens says it also received this honour in 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2019. They say they were awarded product of the year in 2020 after receiving the platinum distinction.

You can find out more about OpenAthens in our Publishing Services Directory.

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