Readly announces winners of its digital audience engagement awards

Readly has launched a new set of annual awards to celebrate forward thinking and progressive publishers and recognise performance within digital audience engagement.

Readly announces winners of its digital audience engagement awards
Photograph: Jaeyoon Jeong on Unsplash.

The winners across six categories were announced yesterday during Readly’s Virtual Client Day. Readly’s analytics, based, says the company, on +32bn data points were used to identify the winners across the different categories.

Ranj Begley: “This is an industry award that is completely defined by data and not by a jury.”

“Our aim is to lead and support the digitalisation of the magazine industry. With more than 800 publishers on our platform we feel it’s time to not only acknowledge the publishers who succeed in engaging their digital audience but also highlight that the data insights we provide can be used for increased performance. With users in 50 markets, Readly is both a distribution platform and an analytics tool. We hope that by celebrating the winners we’ll be able to inspire more publishers to dig deep into the numbers. After all, this is an industry award that is completely defined by data and not by a jury,” says Ranj Begley, UK Managing Director and Chief Content Officer at Readly.

The winners of the Readly Digital Engagement Awards 2020 were:


Computer Bild, Germany

“This award recognises the magazine brand that has reached the highest number of unique readers in 2020. This magazine not only continues to keep its existing audience thoroughly engaged, but has attracted the highest level of readers throughout the year.”


The People’s Friend Pocket Novel, UK

“This magazine brand stands out as the one that elicits the longest read time in a single session. This magazine keeps its readers engaged and entertained for a longer duration than any other magazine on the platform.”


BBC Good Food, UK

“This award celebrates the magazine article that has accrued the highest number of bookmarks on Readly. This is the article that our readers want to return to time and time again.”


Bamse för de Yngsta, Sweden

“This award is presented to the magazine brand that keeps its audience captivated from beginning to end. The winner will be recognised as the magazine that consistently has the highest percentage of pages read in any given issue.”


National Geographic, Germany

“This award celebrates the magazine brand with the highest number of favourites on Readly. For our readers, it’s important that they never miss an issue.”


Future Publishing, UK

“The Magic of Magazines Award celebrates the publisher that is a true ambassador of Readly. They make the best use of our data to achieve maximum results for their brands and they consistently partner with us on all new initiatives to truly bring the Magic of Magazines into the future.”

Ranj Begley said: “These publishers all have one thing in common, they have managed to truly catch people’s interest. Instead of endless scrolling on social media or losing time to mobile gaming - the audience has stayed reading, bookmarked pages and marked articles as favourites. And that high level of engagement and consumption of rewarding content is what we call magazine magic.”

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