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Rock Sound releases special magazine bundle

Rock Sound has announced the release of its chart-eligible magazine bundle with SUM 41.

Rock Sound releases special magazine bundle
James Wilson-Taylor: “Rock Sound has supported Sum 41 since the very beginning and we are delighted to have them back on the cover for our 25th anniversary year.”

whynow Music, Rise Records and Serenade say they have partnered to create the world’s first chart-eligible digital magazine bundle. This special cover marks the release of Sum 41’s eighth studio album, Heaven :x: Hell, and their last as a band.

The publisher says fans that buy one of the 541 limited editions of this magazine will not only be able to tap the cover with their phones to make it count as a digital download for the band’s chart position, but will also have access to bonus album content.

The additional content includes: signed album artwork and four handwritten lyric sheets as digital downloads; behind-the-scenes footage of the band; and Rock Sound interview clips and photos of the band.

The publisher says the magazine cover, which commemorates Sum 41 as one of Rock Sound’s 25 Icons, can be bought as a standalone without the bonus content; as can an exclusive A6 art card with a sticker that does give fans access to the content. The limited-edition bundle is chart-eligible.

Utilising Serenade’s digital pressing technology, readers will have access to the album on release date as well as a digital certification of ownership to prove the authenticity of their purchase.

Deryck Whibley, frontman of Sum 41, said: “I think it’s great. Unique, cool, fun ideas like this are what’s exciting to me. It’s great that on our last record we get to do that with Rock Sound.”

James Wilson-Taylor, creative director of Rock Sound said: “Rock Sound has supported Sum 41 since the very beginning and we are delighted to have them back on the cover for our 25th anniversary year. It feels extra special to be celebrating their final album with this unique and exciting collaboration with Serenade, bringing new music and exclusive extra content direct to their legions of fans around the world.”

Max Shand, CEO of Serenade said: “We’re thrilled to be pioneering Serenade’s latest innovation, additive physical music formats, with whynow, Rock Sound, BMG and Sum 41, bringing chart accredited music and bonus content to any item. As a business, we’ve recognised that while fans love digital experiences, they want to collect and own physical items, and so we thought it fitting to bring the two together and launch with no greater act than the mega Sum 41.”

Will Spencer, MD whynow Music said: “We are excited to be adding genuine value for fans and artists in the world of magazine publishing. As a company we aim to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology across everything we do in both the merchandise and media space and are grateful we found such brilliant partners open to new ideas in the shape of Sum 41, Rise Records and Serenade.”

Rock Sound magazine faced closure in 2023 before it was bought by whynow. Since then the team has reached its 300th issue, and now in 2024 is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This special cover is just one of the many unique ways it’s marking this milestone moment, added the publisher.

whynow Music is a merchandise company driven by audiences, specialising in branding, touring, e-commerce & licensing. As well as Rock Sound whynow Music says it partners with Metal Hammer, Tina Turner, BMG and many more to create premium ecommerce experiences and quality products for fans.

Serenade is a digital pressings company and has worked with many artists since it was launched, including Liam Gallagher, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sugababes and Super Furry Animals.

The Rock Sound Sum 41 cover went on sale on Tuesday 12th March at the online shop here.

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