The Ozone Project partners with The Trade Desk

Global advertising technology platform, The Trade Desk, yesterday announced a new partnership with The Ozone Project, to provide advertisers with access to Ozone’s 45m-strong UK audience.

The Ozone Project partners with The Trade Desk
Danny Spears: “We are delighted to add another way for clients to engage with us.”

The Trade Desk is the first global demand-side platform connection for Ozone, which was founded by major UK publishers News UK, Guardian Media Group, Telegraph Media Group and Reach PLC. Having now expanded to an alliance of 12 premium publisher groups, Ozone has joined forces with The Trade Desk to deliver on a shared vision to create a more sustainable future for quality journalism and editorially-led content on the open internet, says the company.

Through this new partnership, it is now easier for The Trade Desk’s clients to connect directly to Ozone’s publishers.

The integration between The Trade Desk and Ozone gives advertisers and publishers confidence in knowing that the value exchange powering the open internet - great content in exchange for relevant advertising - is preserved in a trustworthy and efficient way. For advertisers on The Trade Desk, this partnership also provides a direct, transparent path to premium inventory, says The Trade Desk.

In addition, and with the demise of the third-party cookie on the horizon, Ozone’s proprietary identity solution, Ozone ID, will help increase audience addressability through many different AI-driven data signals from its publishers. Furthermore, thanks to the depth of cross-publisher user data, Ozone is able to fully maximise campaign addressability through its advanced contextual solutions. As Ozone’s publisher and alliance footprint expands across the UK and major global markets over the next 12 months, the partnership will also explore activation of this data for approved clients of The Trade Desk.

Dave Castell, GM of Inventory Partnerships EMEA at The Trade Desk, commented: “The open internet is the linchpin of free, quality journalism - it’s through relevant advertising and a transparent digital ecosystem that the critical work of journalists can be funded. The Trade Desk is always supportive of initiatives that create a more equitable, transparent and efficient programmatic supply chain. This set of values are shared by The Ozone Project, which is of paramount importance to us.

“Our advertisers have direct access to quality inventory through a partner which fundamentally agrees with us about what really matters - supporting premium content and quality journalism.”

Danny Spears, Chief Operating Officer at The Ozone Project, added: “We are very excited to introduce Ozone’s new direct-to-publisher, fully transparent connection with The Trade Desk. This new inventory-led integration has the potential to provide approved buyers with the additional opportunity to access our scaled data and identity solutions that deliver better results for advertising in Ozone environments. Making it easier for brands to access the attention-rich, premium content across our publishers has been a core Ozone pillar since launch, and through this new partnership we are delighted to add another way for clients to engage with us.”

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