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ABC Results: publisher reaction

The ABC yesterday released the consumer magazine circulation results for the January – June 2019 period and publishers have responded with their interpretation of the figures.

ABC Results: publisher reaction

Below are statements about their ABC results from: Bauer Media, Condé Nast, Immediate Media, Stylist Magazine and TI Media.

Bauer Media


  • Bauer Media retains its position as the UK’s biggest selling magazine publisher according to the latest round of ABC figures.
  • No 1 in TV listings (the UK’s biggest magazine category by volume) with TV Choice and Total TV Guide. Bauer has increased its share of the TV Listings Market to 44.2%.
  • In the Women’s Weeklies Classics market Bella remains the No 1 best-selling title.
  • Garden Answers posts significant double-digit growth year-on-year and period-on-period and Garden News records period-on-period growth.
  • In the Real-Life market Bauer Media continues to dominate the sector and has increased its market share to 57.4% with Take a Break in the No 1 position selling 432,683 copies weekly.
  • Grazia celebrates market beating performances both period-on-period and year-on-year.
  • heat out-performs the market with period-on-period and year-on-year increases in market share.
  • Yours out-performs the market growing share.

Commenting on the results, Rob Munro-Hall, CEO of Bauer Publishing UK & Co-Head of Global Publishing Business Bauer Media Group, said: “As the UK’s biggest publisher, we are proud to re-affirm our No 1 position across key markets: TV Choice leads in TV Listings for the 12th successive year and is the only magazine to sell over a million copies a week, Take a Break is No 1 in Real-Life and Bella leads in Women’s Weekly Classics. We have delivered a standout performance in our gardening titles. Our magazines enhance the lives of our audiences through entertainment, information and inspiration, and bring together communities of people with shared passions, delivering quality attention at exceptional value to advertisers. We will continue to support great publishing both in print and beyond.”

TV Listings

TV Choice 1,122,207; Total TV Guide 87,543

* TV Choice (weekly) remains the No 1 title in the UK – selling over 1.1million copies a week and increasing the gap in copy sales against its nearest competitor to almost 344,000 copies. TV Choice convincingly outperforms the market trend YOY at -3.8%.

* Total TV Guide (weekly) is the best performing title YOY (-3.6%), selling 87.5k copies a week. Subscriptions have risen by +19.3% YOY

* Market share for both TV Choice and Total TV Guide has increased YOY and POP.


Take a Break 432,683; that’s life 175,200

* Bauer continues its leadership and dominance in the Real-Life market. Take a Break and that’s life! have both shown market beating performances YOY and POP. Both have also grown their market share over the same periods.

* Take a Break (weekly) remains the best-selling weekly, leading the real-life market, selling 432,683 copies.

* that’s life! (weekly) has shown a market beating performance and is selling 175,200 copies a week.

* Take a Break monthly delivers another substantial ABC figure of 174,496 which is only -3.1% YOY

Women’s Weekly Classics

Bella 154,034

* Bella (weekly) retains its No 1 position in the Women’s Weekly Classics market, selling 154,034 copies each week, and has increased its market share YOY.

* Bella is the best performing title YOY within its market.

Celebrity Weeklies

Closer 163,260; heat 117,452

* Closer (weekly) continues to hold its No 2 position within the celebrity weekly market with 163,260 copies, narrowing the gap to the No 1 position. Closer outperforms the market YOY (-7.6%) growing its market share both POP and YOY.

* heat (weekly) continues to be the strongest performing title of the celebrity market, with a circulation of 117,452 and is outperforming the weekly market trend both POP and YOY.


Grazia 100,089

* Grazia (weekly) has grown its market share, both POP and YOY.

* Grazia has circulated over 5 million copies over the last 12 months according to ABC.


Garden Answers 47,375; Garden News 37,498

* Garden Answers (monthly) continues its phenomenal double-digit growth, increasing to 47,375 copies, up both (+17.6%) POP and (+14.2%) YOY. The magazine has seen the biggest percentage increase in UK actively purchased copies this period (+26%).

* This is Garden Answers 12th consecutive POP ABC increase.

* Garden News (weekly) has grown circulation POP (+7.5%) posting a circulation of 37,498, remaining the biggest selling gardening weekly title.


Yours 233,451

* Yours (fortnightly) circulated 233,451 copies increasing both market share POP and YOY.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast Britain today releases its latest set of ABC figures combining total print and digital circulation for the period January to June 2019, with consistent performance over the majority of the portfolio.

“The Condé Nast print portfolio remains resilient, supporting our ability to grow further in digital, events and beyond. With the strength and authority of our brands, it’s a formula that works.” says Condé Nast Britain MD Albert Read.


Vogue posts an increased ABC of 192,212. Total print and digital circulation is consistent period on period and up 0.1% year on year.

House & Garden

House & Garden posts an ABC of 112,098. Total print and digital circulation is consistent period on period and year on year.


GQ posts an ABC of 103,087. Whilst the newsstands remain difficult for the men’s market, GQ’s website saw a +24% year on year traffic increase despite a 6.3% circulation decrease during the period January to June 2019. GQ remains the only leader in UK men’s magazines with strong performance relative to our peer group.

Condé Nast Traveller

Condé Nast Traveller posts an increased ABC of 81,075. Total print and digital circulation is up 0.1% period on period and 1.3% year on year.


Tatler posts an increased ABC of 79,109. Total print and digital circulation is up 0.1% period on period and 1.3% year on year.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair posts an ABC of 70,087. Total print and digital circulation is consistent period on period and down 2.7% year on year.

The World Of Interiors

The World of Interiors posts an ABC of 55,034. Total print and digital circulation is consistent period on period and year on year.

Immediate Media Co

Immediate Media Co, the special interest content and platform company, has posted a combined ABC print and digital circulation of 1,680,394 for titles reporting January to June 2019.

Immediate’s portfolio of market-leading brands continue to perform strongly in their sectors: BBC Gardeners’ World magazine posted a 20% period-on-period growth, which included its May issue with its annual 2 for 1 Gardens to Visit Guide which recorded a 16% increase in sales year-on-year and a 24% increase in Retail Sales Value (RSV), generating over £1.2m on the newsstand.

Immediate remains the number one publisher in the Youth and Children’s market, with a 1.2% increase in circulation year-on-year across the portfolio, including a standout performance by Cbeebies Special which recorded a 6.3% period-on-period and a 4.3% year-on-year increase.

Immediate continues to be the UK’s leading magazine publisher in terms of subscribers, with 988,000 active subscribers*.

Tom Bureau, CEO of Immediate, says: “Immediate’s portfolio of special interest brands continue to perform strongly across all platforms. The outstanding performance of the May issue of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine and our Youth and Children’s portfolio demonstrates the enduring appeal of quality print titles on the newsstand.

Both Radio Times and BBC Good Food, the biggest weekly and monthly magazine brands in the UK**, have grown their reach with record-breaking digital audience numbers. And we continue to transform our business model, with the acquisition of specialist event producers Upper Street Events and River Street Events earlier this year, we have further enhanced our live events capabilities focused on specialist interest communities and now engage 26m consumers in the UK a month.”

Highlights for the ABC period Jan-June 2019:

* Radio Times is the UK’s biggest-selling quality magazine and the most valuable on the newsstand, with a weekly combined ABC of 519,603.

  • Radio Times is also the UK’s biggest weekly subscription brand, with 252,146 weekly subscribers.
  • continues to attract new audiences with a record-breaking 18.2 million unique visitors in July 2019
  • Radio Times has the highest monthly total brand reach of all UK weekly magazines**.

* BBC Gardeners’ World magazine’s circulation is up 20.2% period-on-period and down 1.9% year-on-year, with a monthly combined ABC of 204,588.

  • The title’s May issue, featuring its annual 2for1 Gardens to Visit card and guide delivered more than £1.2m in RSV on the newsstand, a 24% increase year-on-year with sales up 16%.

* BBC Good Food, retains its position as the nation’s number one food media brand, reporting a combined ABC of 157,169. Following Immediate’s acquisition of BBC Good Food last year, the brand has gone from strength-to-strength across multiple platforms; including a record-breaking 25.5 million unique global users visiting in March 2019.

  • Immediate’s Food Portfolio, including BBC Good Food, Easy Cook and Home Cooking Series, alongside olive, continues to dominate the UK’s food publishing market, accounting for 79.9% of the market.

* Immediate is the number one publisher in the Youth and Children’s market, with a combined ABC circulation of 692,839 up 1.2% year-on-year and down 3.6% period-on-period. Highlights include:

  • CBeebies Special recorded an ABC circulation of 53,210 up 6.3% period-on-period and up 4.3% year-on-year.
  • Mr. Tumble has seen exceptional growth, up 15.3% period-on-period and up 1.0% year-on-year to 24,967.
  • Pokémon magazine has also had an impressive period-on-period growth of 19.8%.

* Includes print and digital editions of Immediate Media Co brands, Lonely Planet and BBC Top Gear Magazine, published under contract for BBC Studios, plus titles not audited in this period.

** PAMCo July 2019

Stylist Magazine

The weekly demand for Stylist Magazine is the reason it is the no. l magazine in the women's market January-June 2019. Launched 10 years ago, Stylist has proven to be the print powerhouse of the last decade with a circulation of 404,392 and market share of 38.3%. Stylist's digital audience continues to accelerate with over 2.4m UK visitors to and over 1 m social followers.

Publisher's statement: “Stylist has combined fierce feminism, careers, politics and thought-provoking articles with chic fashion and beauty for over a decade. It is now a market-leading multi-platform brand for young, urban women and has come to define the conversation around equality and empowerment in the UK. Stylist resonates with its audience and advertisers now more than ever and I'm proud to be working on a brand that continues to go from strength to strength.”

TI Media

TI Media today announces its highlights from the latest set of ABC results for the Jan-Jun 19 period. The figures reveal that TI Media has gained share in the women’s lifestyle and traditional women’s weeklies markets, as well as in the TV listings market in terms of newsstand RSV.

Angie O’Farrell, group managing director, women’s weeklies, lifestyle, home interest, real life and TV, says: “TI Media is a bastion for quality editorial and our continued investment in trusted content is paying dividends. woman&home has grown its share of the women’s lifestyle sector, is significantly outperforming the market and against its competitors, is once again the biggest-selling title at the newsstand.

“In the last year, every title in TI Media’s market-leading homes portfolio has undergone editorial redevelopment and this period it outperforms the market. Style at Home reports a stand-out period-on-period performance, boasting a 6.3% uplift and a 9.0% increase in copies sold at the newsstand. Country Homes & Interiors has grown its combined circulation, up 1.2% on the year. Ideal Home continues to sell more copies than any other title in the mainstream market by some measure and in the modern sub-sector, Livingetc once again outsells its competitors at the newsstand. Homes & Gardens, Britain’s oldest decorating magazine, celebrated its centenary in June with its biggest advertising generating issue in recent years, with advertising revenues for the edition up a staggering 136% year-on-year.

“Woman’s Weekly’s loyal audience sees the title reign as number one in the traditional weeklies market in terms of volume for the 20th consecutive period, no mean feat in the context of our decision to remove the title from multi-pack promotions. I am also proud that Woman and Woman’s Own have held their market positions despite this newstrade strategy and this points to the editorial strength of these famous brands.

“We continue to lead the TV listings market in terms of RSV and have strengthened our position, increasing our share of newsstand RSV by a further 0.6% in the last six months.”

Women’s Lifestyle

TI Media grows its share of the market by 0.6 percentage points on the period to 25.2%. woman&home outperforms the market by 2.2 percentage points and is number one at the newsstand in terms of volume. The title posts a combined ABC of 274,927.

Home Interest

Style at Home boasts a strong performance up 6.3% on the period with a total print ABC of 63,419 and at the newsstand, the title is up 9.0% on the period. Ideal Home continues to be the biggest selling title in the mainstream homes market, leading the sub-sector in terms of volume and has a combined print and digital ABC of 131,650. Livingetc continues to outsell its competitors in the modern sub-sector at the newsstand and Country Homes & Interiors is up 1.2% on the year, with a combined ABC of 64,070.

Traditional Women’s Weeklies

TI Media has a 48.2% share of the traditional women’s weeklies market, up 0.3% on the period. Woman’s Weekly retains its number one position and outperforms its competitors both on the period and the year by 2.7 percentage points, posting a total print ABC of 227,505.

TI Media removed its women’s weeklies brands from multi-pack promotions last year as, while bigger packs inflate sales due to the price advantage they can offer, when these packs alone are available they limit choice and do not serve those consumers who wish to purchase their favourite magazine only.

TV Listings

In the TV market, TI Media has grown its share of newsstand RSV by 0.6% period-on-period. What’s On TV maintains its number two spot in the market with a total print ABC of 778,348 and TV Times keeps its number four spot, posting a total print ABC of 141,596.