Bloomberg Media introduces Bloomberg CityLab

Bloomberg Media yesterday introduced Bloomberg CityLab, a site committed to telling the stories of the world’s cities, communities, and neighbourhoods – exploring how they work, the challenges they face, and the solutions they need.

Bloomberg Media introduces Bloomberg CityLab
Justin B. Smith: “Bloomberg CityLab joins our growing portfolio of multi-platform content verticals.”

Leveraging global newsroom resources from across more than 120 bureaus worldwide, Bloomberg CityLab is significantly expanding its international coverage, original reporting, and its use of data, interactive maps, and graphics to add deeper insight into how cities around the world are confronting today's most consequential issues, say the publishers.

Through explanatory journalism, in-depth analysis and reporting, Bloomberg CityLab will cover all topics relating to urban innovation including culture, design, transportation, the environment, the economy, housing, justice, and government. The site will feature key editorial franchises — MapLab, CityLab University, Solutions and Perspective — and daily and weekly newsletters.

“The newly redesigned Bloomberg CityLab puts a greater focus on reporting the local story and what it means for the greater society at large,” said John Micklethwait, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief. “Tapping into the resources of our global staff, we are able to give our readers even more coverage of the challenges cities are facing and the innovative solutions those cities produce.”

“Now more than ever, our greatest challenges are being confronted in cities. With its expanded access to global insights and data-driven coverage, Bloomberg CityLab will deliver a comprehensive worldview to an entrepreneurial, civically-engaged audience,” said Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media. “Bloomberg CityLab joins our growing portfolio of multi-platform content verticals, dedicated to bringing our trusted journalism and unique global business perspective to every story.”

Acquired by Bloomberg Media in 2019, the newly designed Bloomberg CityLab has been fully integrated into Bloomberg Media’s digital ecosystem with new branding, logo, and homepage. The site launches with stories on the future of cities and extensive coverage of the U.S. protests against racism and the coronavirus recovery, including a data visualization on where transportation is heading, and a stunning collection of lockdown maps from around the world. An animation of a pre- and post-pandemic streetscape, and a video series on urban innovations will follow.

"CityLab became part of Bloomberg just as the coronavirus was pushing cities around the world into lockdown, and now we're seeing people emerge from their homes to take a stand against racism. The staff's expertise on public policy, health, the environment and design could not have come at a more vital time," said Jennifer Sondag, Executive Editor of Bloomberg CityLab. "The launch showcases the full force of that knowledge, backed by Bloomberg's data-driven approach and multi-platform capabilities."

Plans for the annual CityLab summit, powered by Bloomberg Philanthropies, are forthcoming and will be announced in the coming months.

Hyundai Motor Company has partnered with Bloomberg CityLab in a solutions-driven effort to better understand and address the urgent challenges facing cities around the world, says Bloomberg. The partnership includes exclusive sponsorship of the multi-platform MapLab, custom content and integrations created in collaboration with Bloomberg Media Studios.

"Hyundai Motor is deeply committed to innovating urban mobility solutions to vitalize human-centered future cities,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer for Hyundai Motor Company. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Bloomberg CityLab and elevating the profile of stories that are shaping the future of urban life and the communities making a difference in technology, transportation, and the environment."

According to the publishers, Bloomberg CityLab complements Bloomberg Media’s Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Green brands, as well as various content verticals including Checkout, Future Finance, Hyperdrive, Prognosis, Screentime and Wealth.