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Suppliers spotlight

Welcome to our latest workflows special, this time looking at all aspects of content creation. All of the insights and opinions come from leading suppliers to the publishing sector and from senior editors at UK publishing companies.

By James Evelegh

Suppliers spotlight

Our ‘content creation’ special feature consists of five separate sections:

Key trends

Key performance areas

How can the quality and quantity of a publisher’s output be improved?

In a nutshell

Suppliers spotlight

The following suppliers all contributed to our 'content creation' special feature and all supply specialist services to publishers:

AdFactory International

AdFactory International, active in the Netherlands since 2003, develops and delivers online hosted advertising and editorial workflow software for publishing companies. Initially servicing medium size publishers of weekly newspapers, it has now evolved to supplying flexible publishing-software solutions for all kind of newspaper, magazine and online publications. Currently, over 800 titles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, Ireland and New Zealand are produced using AdFactory software.

We deliver functionality which is comparable to bigger integrated publishing systems, yet for a much more attractive price! And because of its hosting concept, AdFactory publishing solutions need very little local configuration and can be operational very quickly.



Atex is a leading software company, committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalised, localised, collaborative, contextually relevant and available on-demand.

Desk is a web-based solution to manage the production of digital and print publications for newspapers and magazines.

Cross-advertising is a cloud-based solution providing end-to-end multi-channel advertising management covering the whole advertising process.

Kayak is a comprehensive system for managing subscriptions and distribution. It is a tool for managing customer service, invoicing, accounts receivable, marketing and sales related to printed and digital products and services.

ACE is an API-first, multi-channel content management system developed by Atex to let publishers enjoy the many advantages of the headless CMS architecture.

With hundreds of customers worldwide, Atex solutions power the whole content and advertising management workflow, from production to delivery on digital and print channels, of some of the most prestigious, high-performing, award-winning media-focused companies.


Bright Sites

Bright Sites’ primary product ‘FLOW’ is the ultimate next-gen CMS and website platform. Whether you run 1 or 150+ publications, the FLOW platform enables optimised editorial workflows with a broad range of off-the-shelf, innovative functionality targeted at increasing traffic and maximising revenue.

FLOW is already underpinning some of the largest publishers in the UK with global reach, including The Independent, National World, Evening Standard and Tindle.

FLOW already has hundreds of publications operating on its capacity efficient platform, delivering over a billion pageviews per month, and has a proven track record of modernising and growing digital publications.



censhare’s proven omnichannel content platform lets you master your content in any language, locally or globally, to provide a consistent omnichannel customer experience.

With currently more than 280+ employees worldwide, and offices in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Nordics and India, censhare operates worldwide to support its customers.

Clients like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more rely on censhare to deliver brand accurate, up-to-date content, and make the most of every opportunity to reach the right customer at the right time.

censhare. Master your content.


Evolved Media

Evolved Media was created over fifteen years ago and has gone from strength to strength with high profile clients such as Next Retail, Sky, Warner Music, Which? and Macmillan Education.

Our team has extensive industry experience and understand the practical challenges our clients face running to stand still in a world where content is growing exponentially. Our technology is sophisticated, fast and reliable, which means your business and your creative teams can rely on robust, proven solutions that deliver performance and keep on delivering performance every day.

We are highly experienced in the implementation and development of WoodWing Studio and Assets. Alongside our sister company Qonqord, we provide a full range of services to help clients scope and implement new systems.

Our approach is simple. It is our job to help you to the next stage, to work with you from start to finish, and build the optimum and most cost-effective platform to meet your current and future business requirements.



FotoWare is a Norwegian software company and world-leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions. Founded in 1997 by Ole Christian Frenning (former photo editor of Aftenposten) and Anders Bergman (former leader of development at Hasselblad Electronic Imaging), FotoWare was one of the first in the world to offer a DAM system.

With roots in media and publishing, FotoWare is proud to have provided more than 400 organisations with some of the most advanced metadata and workflow capabilities in the industry over the last twenty years. The FotoWare digital asset management solution powers the image workflows of publications like the Financial Times and The Economist, as well as media organisations like Thomson Reuters and Axel Springer. It enables organisations to seamlessly manage high volumes of files, stay in control of rights management, and accelerate content distribution, and can run in a way that suits you – SaaS, on-premises or hybrid.


Glide Publishing Platform

Glide Publishing Platform is a cloud-native content management system especially for publishers, delivered as a SaaS to give the scale and robustness publishers need but without the need to ever develop the back-end.

GPP is at the lead in transforming the old mindset that publishers should build and maintain their own CMS, and removes the need to have developers working on CMS tools full stop. Instead, they can focus all their time and effort on the things which make revenue and which audiences love.

Because Glide is created by people steeped in publishing, for publishers, it’s filled with features and functions which lets editors do more with out-of-the-box tools, such as a full collaborative Live Reporting toolset, image management, paywall-friendly features, and super accurate categorisation. Meanwhile commercial teams thrive with Glide because of the sheer pace they can now move without the need to force new products or partnerships into old systems.



interconnect is an independent web design and development studio and consultancy based in the UK. Our ethos is that the problems of a client are also our problems and that it’s by working together and developing long term relationships that we bring success to each other.

Founded in 1996, we set out initially as publishers planning to create content for the web, before realising that we were better at software production than content production! However, we did learn what was hard in publishing, and how the industry works.

After some years buried deep in corporate anonymity, we began offering our services to the wider industry from 2006 and realigned around open source software.


Media Systems Limited

With over 25 years’ experience in the publishing world, we continue to grow our range of products and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

MSL help, amongst others, international and national magazine and newspaper groups, B2B information providers, niche publishers and design agencies, for whom multi-channel publishing based on a work-from-home environment is of increasing importance. Our solutions cover content management, commissioning and contributor management, digital asset management, multi-channel publishing, sales order processing, CRM, workflows, production, websites, system integrations and ad-hoc developments.

With our ability to match the systems or bespoke developments to a customer’s specific set of requirements, we can dramatically speed up workflows and help automate many time-consuming manual processes. Our aim is to gain an intimate understanding of our customers’ requirements and build long-term partnerships, all underpinned by our excellent support.



Nemorin is a premium branded video agency, propelling global brands through authentic, sharable and beautiful stories powered by data.

We are pioneering the future of brand storytelling by reaching, engaging and converting audiences whoever – and wherever – they are. We’re part of the multi-award-winning Argonon Group, makers of ITV’s Masked Singer and ongoing series for Netflix, BBC, Channel 4, Snapchat, Discovery and more.

Founded by the Telegraph’s former head of commercial video, we operate as an extension of in-house teams. From creative development, through production (live action and animation), post-production, project management and with crews globally, we make the whole process easy and effective.

End-to-end solutions include: creative, scripting, filming, animation, long-form, short-form, interactive video, shoppable video, multi-platform content, broadcast and OOH, project management.



We are a boutique IT consultancy with extensive solutions and experience, both operationally and technically, in publishing, advertising, planning and production environments. We understand your needs and use our in-depth knowledge and flexible, personal approach to define, develop, deliver and then support smart, reliable and effective solutions.

We can introduce tools that will enable you to save time and eliminate waste and provide an efficient, right-first-time workflow. Our scalable solutions cover variable workflow stages from inception through to production output and can be easily tailored to improve often bespoke requirements.

Used and recommended by many in the industry, we are flexible (scalable solutions to suit the scope, budget and scale of your requirements), experienced (technically competent, practically / operationally very experienced too – “we get it” – which means we are proactive and practical) and personal (fantastic service, we get to know you, you get to know us, collaborate, go that extra mile).


Publisher’s Toolbox

Publisher’s Toolbox is a digital media consultancy business with an advanced digital media ecosystem that transforms media, brand, educational and sporting organisations into digital media powerhouses.

By implementing the PT digital media ecosystem, organisations can increase community engagement, media IP production, improve media asset management, cost effectively deliver an experience for their digital communities across mobile, web, social and video streaming, while providing innovative digital experiences via augmented reality technology.

The Publisher’s Toolbox is an established, world-class suite of digital products. The rollout of PT modules can be customised according to any organisation’s priorities and needs. Each phase follows a standard and proven model of delivery, yet has the ability to be tailored in accordance with an existing digital landscape.

Whether you’re a global media brand, a community media group, brand or anyone in-between, PT’s unique scalability means we can help you achieve your digital objectives.



WoodWing provides the technology for publishers and brands to tell their stories. Our solutions are tried and tested by publishers and organisations of any size and type.

With more than twenty years’ experience with publishing processes, we help publishers to overcome challenges with: multiplying publishing channels; improving workflow efficiencies; ballooning volumes of digital assets; enabling teams to collaborate better and improving speed to market.

WoodWing’s core solutions – WoodWing Assets (digital asset management) and WoodWing Studio (multi-channel content production) – allow you to create, collaborate on, and manage multi-channel content in one integrated experience.

Customers include Hearst, Forbes, Bauer, Aller Media and Axel Springer.


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