Content management specialist Scienta joins forces with WoodWing

WoodWing, a provider of content orchestration solutions and services globally, has reached an agreement to acquire Scienta, active in the content management space.

Content management specialist Scienta joins forces with WoodWing
Ross Paterson: “Both Scienta and WoodWing operate at the heart of the content processes with their customers.”

The business combination allows WoodWing to enrich its content orchestration offering and grow into new customer segments and allows Scienta to scale its product offering internationally, says WoodWing.

Scienta is a provider of cloud-based content management solutions. It offers a multi-tenant content management platform that focuses on document management, knowledge sharing, quality management and content collaboration. Scienta has built up a strong position in the content management market, serving more than 2,000 organisations. Customers typically use Scienta as a digital workplace and collaboration tool to organize their document workflows. Customers are mostly active in document–intensive sectors such as accountancy organisations, tax advisors and government institutions.

This strategic combination allows WoodWing to diversify its value proposition into new business areas in a way that complements their existing proposition. According to WoodWing, the combination will yield a stronger organisation, as resources and SaaS best practices can be shared on a business and technical level. Furthermore, Scienta’s dominant position in the Dutch market can be expanded through WoodWing’s global presence.

Ross Paterson, CEO of WoodWing: “We are excited about Scienta joining the WoodWing Group, it enriches our product portfolio and allows us to break into new market segments with our content orchestration solution. Both Scienta and WoodWing operate at the heart of the content processes with their customers. We see the combination as a great strategic step and look forward to jointly build our company further into a leader in the content management space.”

Reinder Repko, CEO of Scienta: “We are proud to become part of WoodWing. Over the past 15 years, we have developed Scienta into a key player for quality and process management software. We are excited to announce this new step that we are taking as an organisation. Both WoodWing and Scienta find each other in their approach to how content processes can support and improve organisations. Under the wings of WoodWing, jointly we can take Scienta's ambitions to new heights and add our qualities to the WoodWing Group.”

Key management of Scienta will stay on board and will hold an equity stake in the business combination.

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