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Dawson Media Direct launches Media Wall

DMD and Gatwick Airport have launched Media Wall, described as “a cool new way for publishers to reach international air travelers”.

The Media Wall is a new DMD initiative in conjunction with London’s Gatwick Airport. Gatwick Media Wall is an attractive, innovative way for quality publishers to engage with high-value air travellers, in-transit in the airside public areas of one of Europe’s busiest international airports, says DMD.

Ten Media Walls in all will display up to 3,000 complimentary copies a day across a range of selected magazine titles, to a potential readership of around 100,000 passengers each day.

DMD says: Our displays are strategically positioned beyond all points of retail purchase and fully merchandised throughout the day, supported by the latest stock control technology. Gatwick Media Wall offers unrivalled opportunities to publishers to reach a premium market segment at a point where typically they’re receptive to media sampling and extended engagement with their reading matter.