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Elsevier announces open access agreement

Elsevier and Vanderbilt University’s Heard Libraries establish landmark five-year Open Access Transformative agreement.

Elsevier announces open access agreement
James Tonna: "We are excited to work closely with Vanderbilt University to advance open science.”

Elsevier, a global information analytics and scientific publisher, last week announce a five-year read and publish agreement with Vanderbilt University’s Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries that will advance open science and enhance access to scholarly research.

Elsevier says the transformative agreement, which is effective through 2028, provides Vanderbilt researchers with access to research published in its extensive portfolio of journals. Vanderbilt researchers will also enjoy expanded open access publishing options in those journals, enhancing the visibility and impact of their work. The agreement supports a sustainable scholarly publishing model that aligns with values of openness, inclusivity and equity.

Jon Shaw university librarian, said: “This exciting new partnership with Elsevier strengthens our libraries’ commitment to improve information access at Vanderbilt and promote collaborative scholarship across our community. The agreement not only encompasses access to Elsevier’s leading peer-reviewed journals but also expands our scholars’ publishing impact by extending the reach of their research.”

James Tonna, VP research sales, Americas at Elsevier, added: "We are excited to work closely with Vanderbilt University to advance open science. This transformative agreement marks a significant step toward a more inclusive and accessible research ecosystem, fostering innovation and collaboration."

The partnership reflects the commitment of Elsevier and Vanderbilt to contribute to global knowledge sharing and to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration through open access, added the publisher. The five-year transformative agreement will enable researchers to build on each other's work and accelerate scientific discovery, driving positive change in the scholarly publishing landscape.

Learn more about which Elsevier journals are included in the agreement here.

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