FT launches audience planning tool for advertisers

This week, the Financial Times announced the launch of MAP ( Multi-platform Audience Planning ), a global, cross-platform campaign planning tool that provides commercial partners with a holistic view of the FT's audiences across print, and the FT web app.

FT launches audience planning tool for advertisers

Designed to enable more effective and informed campaign planning, MAP allows marketers and planners to evaluate and quantify the reach of an advertising campaign, and to demonstrate the increase in reach by adding channels. The tool can be used to build reach and frequency reports, which can be split by audience and region, helping marketers to project the audience size of a campaign across specific demographics, says the Financial Times.

Laura Milsted, Global Advertising Director, B2B & Insight, said: “Planning campaigns on robust, audited and comparable data has become increasingly difficult in today's multichannel advertising environment. With the launch of MAP, our clients will be able to accurately evaluate the global reach of a campaign across print and online platforms, ensuring greater transparency and more effective marketing."

MAP was developed with PwC and is based on assured data. According to the FT, it will enable marketers and media planners to accurately quantify a campaign's global de-duplicated reach, emphasising the FT's commitment to transparency.

PwC's Media Insight & Assurance partner, Sam Tomlinson, said: "We believe this tool to be the first of its kind, offering [the FT's clients] global de-duplicated reach/frequency planning across all channels and audience segments. We have a longstanding commitment to support premium publishers with certified audience data, which is more critical than ever in today's marketing environment with its focus on trust and transparency."