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IFABC hosts 26th General Assembly in Rio

The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulation (IFABC) General Assembly is taking place for the 26th time in Rio on 4th - 6th November, hosted by IVC the Brazilian audit bureau.

It will be the forum for launching the 2014 Future of ABCs study, an industry-changing report exploring ways in which audit bureaux worldwide should evolve to adapt to changes in media and advertising.

The report, entitled ‘ABCs - 2015 and Beyond,’ is the second in a series commissioned by the IFABC following the initial 2012 study. This latest edition reviews the rapidly developing digital and print media and highlights industry predictions for the future of publishing and advertising, based on input from more than a dozen senior figures from global agencies and advertisers, says IFABC.

Expanding on the report, keynote speakers at the assembly include João Ciaco, Vice President Advertising at Fiat Latin America, Cynthia Evans, Director of Strategy MEC Latin America and Carolyn Morgan, Managing Director at Penmaen Media consultancy.

The Assembly will also see elections for the new Executive Board and president take place. The role of president is currently held by Jerry Wright, Chief Executive of ABC UK, who was re-elected in 2012, following his initial two-year term of office and has enjoyed a successful 4-year tenure to date. Wright’s time as president saw the IFABC significantly widen its scope in response to digital upheavals. The election of a new president and Executive Board will have a major influence on the way media standards are set at an international level.

Jerry Wright, president of IFABC said: “At a time when everyone in the media world is under increased pressure to prove their value, the role of the IFABC is vital. As the media world develops and new platforms are introduced, it is more important than ever to be able to share information, innovations and best practices on an international level quickly and concisely to ensure we are innovating and evolving to meet the industry’s needs. Furthermore, the constant changes in digital have lead to a clear demand for trusted data. IFABC global guidelines and standards and subsequent adoption and verification by local ABC ensure the results are trusted.”

The IFABC is a global organisation which provides a forum for the identification and sharing of successful innovation, providing audit bureaux around the world with one cohesive voice and promoting worldwide best practice for the measurement of the media industry.

About the IFABC

The IFABC says: “The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulation (IFABC) is a voluntary cooperative federation of industry-sponsored organisations established in nations throughout the world to verify and report facts about the circulations of publications and related data.

The IFABC was founded in 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden and has 36 bureaux covering 40 countries around the world. The IFABC Executive Board consists of nine members from various ABCs around the world. There is also a global Web Standards Group, founded in 1997, which is headed up by Richard Foan from ABC UK and more recently a Digital Publications Committee, which has been chaired by Glenn Hansen from BPA Worldwide.

Jerry Wright, Chief Executive of ABC UK, was re-elected the global president of IFABC in October 2012.”