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Poool & Mather Economics / announce partnership

Poool & Mather Economics / say their partnership aims to maximize audience conversion to subscription & membership.

Poool & Mather Economics / announce partnership
Madeleine White: “Whilst we can find plenty of examples of each paywall model being employed successfully by a digital publisher, the optimal model involves putting audiences first.”

Poool and Mather Economics/ say they have developed a technological partnership to help publishers more intelligently convert audiences into members and subscribers.

Mather Economics says it helps develop and implement fact-based strategies with clients, implementing these strategies with analytics-as-a-service leveraging years of experience working directly with publishers. provides an AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform that enables publishers and media companies worldwide to drive business transformation and subscriber optimization.

Poool’s Membership & Subscription Suite is built for growing consumer revenue through targeted conversion strategies, rapid testing and continuous optimization.

By putting Sophi’s intelligent AI-powered automation to work, publishers can push Poool’s conversion actions to the right users at the right moment and in the right way to boost conversion rates and ROI, added the company.

Arguably one of the most valuable dynamic strategies, the company continued, is segmenting articles and audiences based on conversion potential, a key signal as to whether a reader is likely to subscribe or not. Thanks to this partnership, the guess work is left behind in favour of AI intelligence.

Liesbeth Nizet, managing director Mather Economics Europe said: “Our partnership with Poool is an exciting step forward in supporting publishers in the digital era. Combining Mather's data-driven strategies, powered by Sophi's AI capabilities, and Poool's cutting-edge paywall tools, we're entering a new phase of intelligent conversion.

“Together, we're leaving behind rigid approaches and embracing dynamic strategies tailored to each reader, enhancing conversion rates, and maximizing reader value. This partnership signifies a move from guesswork to AI-driven insights creating great revenue opportunities for publishers.”

The company says thanks to Sophi’s natural language processing technology, every article can be analysed as it’s published to predict whether it will generate more ad or subscription revenue, putting this information to use in the Poool Dashboard to recommend to editors which articles should be locked or unlocked.

Madeleine White, head of international at Poool said: “Whilst we can find plenty of examples of each paywall model being employed successfully by a digital publisher, the optimal model involves putting audiences first. By focusing more on who the visitor to your site is and how engaged they are in your content, you can provide them with a user experience that is most likely to convert this individual user into a subscriber.”

Thanks to this technology partnership, Sophi can measure a reader’s propensity score, feeding this information into Poool’s platform to push the optimal user journey to each reader.

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