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Viafoura & Poool announce partnership

The partnership aims to boost registrations and subscriptions for digital publishers.

Viafoura & Poool announce partnership
Max Moné: "Conversations are the best place to drive conversion for a publisher.”

Poool, a Membership and Subscription Suite for digital media, and Viafoura, a digital experience platform for digital publishers and media brands, has announced a technology and business partnership to help publishers better engage and activate their audiences by dynamically converting highly engaged users into registered members and subscribers.

Mark Zohar, CEO of Viafoura, comments on the launch: “The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and our partnership with Poool positions us at the forefront of this transformation. Our partnership opens new avenues for audience engagement and retention, which align perfectly with our mission to empower brands to activate their digital audiences. We believe, together, we are well-equipped to navigate the changing dynamics of the industry and drive meaningful, lasting impact in the digital space.”

Viafoura and Poool say that their partnership will allow publishers to:

  • Target high propensity users with a metered engagement model & customized conversion journey
  • Integrate Poool’s dynamic paywall and registration walls into Viafoura's community engagement experiences

Engagement is widely accepted as the essential element to a successful digital revenue strategy. However, true success lies in understanding what engagement actions are the most effective in increasing the monetary value of each individual reader, or average revenue per user (ARPU), and putting them to use in your audience conversion journeys, the company continued.

This is where Viafoura says its conversation experience, engagement elements and propensity scoring integrate with Poool's dynamic paywall and registration wall solution to maximize the value of reader engagement.

By leveraging Viafoura's first-party data, propensity models and audience segmentation capabilities and Poool's paywall and registration wall solution, publishers will be able to increase and accelerate user conversion rates on their owned and operated properties.

For example, in the comment section, where the community comes to life, readers can be asked to create an account in exchange for access to more than two comments.

Poool's registration wall integrated into one of Viafoura's real-time conversation experience. Attribution: Supplied by Poool.

Max Moné, CEO of Poool said: "Conversations are the best place to drive conversion for a publisher. This is why our partnership with Viafoura makes so much sense: publishers can now deploy smart paywalls and registration walls where the value is: into the comment section."

At the point of registration the user has self-identified and any data collected prior to this point now becomes tied and identified to the user. This gives publishers an opportunity to personalize the user experience, building dynamic journeys based on a user’s propensity to subscribe. It’s been proven that the highest propensity to subscribe and the lowest likelihood to churn is a user who has provided user generated content (UGC), added the company.

Engaged readers can then be presented with dynamic conversion journeys to maximize ARPU. Below, two journeys built through Poool's Dashboard - register for 24h access, for less engaged readers, or subscribe, presented to those who have already engaged and have a high propensity score.

Two different journeys made with Poool (register for 24h access vs subscription) based on Viafoura’s engagement scoring & propensity to convert scoring. Attribution: Supplied by Poool.

This partnership and dynamic audience conversion solution is now available to all Poool and Viafoura customers.

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