PPA export statistics report

For the first time, data highlighting the value and trends of UK exported magazines has been released by PPA.

The report shows that during the period 2004-2007 export supply, sales and net revenues grew steadily, by 1.1%, 3.9% and 10% respectively.

The report also outlines the top ten performing markets for UK exported magazines as well as giving information on sales performance and efficiencies for global regions and individual magazine sectors. 

The study was commissioned by PPA’s Export Advisory Group (EAG) who identified the need to produce meaningful, accurate export sales data for UK publishers. It is hoped that this report will raise awareness of export, improve understanding and encourage greater emphasis on developing opportunities in overseas markets.

Bill Palmer (pictured), export sales director at COMAG and chairman of PPA’s EAG said: “With many UK circulations suffering from continued levels of decline, compounded by falling advertising revenues and rising print costs, export represents an additional source of revenue and potential that many have yet to fully realise.

No matter how challenging the domestic market may be, there is always an overseas market that is bucking the trend or has unrealised potential.”

Other findings in the report:

• In the period 2004-2007, export as a percentage of net sales and net revenue against the UK, increased by 0.24% and 0.75% respectively

• Sales efficiency improved during the period 2004-2007, from 42.1% to 42.4% respectively

• The Australia and the USA were the top performing markets, followed by Spain and Canada

• The positive performance of the total export market has largely been driven by strong performance in Europe, Middle  East and Africa (EMEA) which accounted for 58% of net sales

• In terms of sector performance, the dominant women’s lifestyle sector grew by 0.56% in 2007 against 2006 figures; technology grew by more than 2%

The report and a range of supporting data and graphs can be downloaded here.

About the report

The PPA says: “The information contained in the report has been compiled from data submitted and collated by distributors COMAG, Marketforce, MMC, and Seymour International who together comprise more than 70% of total consumer magazine exports from the UK (excluding subscriptions, partworks, bulk sales and publisher direct sales).”