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Reach launches ‘D&I Spy’ podcast

Reach diversity has announced the launch of the ‘D&I Spy’ podcast, uncovering “the good, the bad and the ugly” behind the fight for a more inclusive workplace.

Reach launches ‘D&I Spy’ podcast
Dr Julie Humphreys: "Over the past few years D&I has become an established profession in its own right, which is brilliant in many ways and has given so many of us the chance to learn from each other.”

Reach has announced the launch of the ‘D&I Spy: Inclusion Uncovered’ podcast, hosted by its group head of diversity and inclusion Dr Julie Humphreys, and diversity and inclusion manager Natasha Whitehurst. Over six episodes, the first season will feature Julie and Natasha tackling often unspoken issues around diversity with a number of guests from across the entertainment, sport and business worlds.

The first episode, available now, opens the series with a frank discussion on “diversity fatigue” with Gian Power, the CEO and founder of TLC Lions, a global company dedicated to driving behavioural change and humanising the working world, says the publisher. As a strong advocate for mental health, Gian discusses the challenges facing D&I leaders as well as how to face negativity from those who are “tired of hearing about the word ‘diversity’.” Gian also explains the challenges of turning D&I from a “siloed” function and bringing it “into the skin and the DNA of a company.”

Reach continued, future guests this season include Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes MBE discussing the importance of psychological safety, Love Islander and pharmacist Anna Vakali on the trolling female users are subject to, and ex-Arsenal player Paul Davis talking about his experience of racism in football.

Dr Julie Humphreys, group head of diversity and inclusion at Reach commented: "Over the past few years D&I has become an established profession in its own right, which is brilliant in many ways and has given so many of us the chance to learn from each other. However, like anything, we need reflection - where are we not landing the way we would want to? Why are so many people losing interest in diversity, even while in theory supporting its aims?

“These are not easy or comfortable issues but our guests have given us a chance to candidly talk through the good, the bad and the ugly of D&I with a wealth of insight and a good dash of humour."

Natasha Whitehurst, diversity and inclusion manager at Reach added: "One of the endlessly fascinating things about working in inclusion is the chance to learn more about people and our guests for this podcast really opened themselves up to us and helped us think in new ways about how we connect with one another.

“While our guests came from very different walks of life, they all had one thing in common - a burning curiosity about the lives of people around them."

Expanding on the series, Reach says episodes this season include:

  • Gian Power on: Are we bored of D&I and what is diversity fatigue?
  • Dame Kelly Holmes on: Inclusion - why should we care?
  • Anna Vakili on: Do women get trolled more than men online?
  • Anyika Onuora on: What's all the fuss about bias?
  • Jaco Van Gass MBE on: The link between mental and physical health
  • Paul Davis on: Banter - are you a lover or hater?

The podcast has been produced in the Reach in-house podcast studio by head of communities, Daniel Jackson.

The first season of ‘D&I Spy: Inclusion uncovered’ will be released on Apple Podcasts or Spotify on Thursdays.

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