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News launches new subscriber alerts service has introduced a new tool that alerts subscribers that new content has been published.

The tool is an extension to the Google Chrome web browser and is available free on the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, subscribers are given a number of display options and they can choose content preferences from a list of topics.

When content relevant to subscribers’ preferences is published, the extension alerts them using a pop-up browser notification, even if Chrome is not open.

Users are then given a choice to ‘Read Now,’ ‘Save for later’ or they can view their entire content feed with one click.

Thomas Lake, Risk Product Manager, says the new tool fits well with audience behaviour patterns: “Many of our subscribers do not have the time to make regular visits to throughout the day. They want to be prompted when relevant content is published and choose to read now or at a time that suits them. This is exactly what the Chrome Extension does.”

Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as’s most popular browser.

Graham Jones, Digital Marketing Manager for Events and Subscriptions explained: “There is a huge potential audience for the extension. Google Chrome is used by 40% of users and continues to grow as the most used browser.”

If take-up is good the Extension will be rolled out to other compatible browsers, says Incisive Media.