Stuff magazine unveils its new look

Haymarket Consumer Media unveiled a new look for its gadget title, Stuff, in the magazine’s September issue.

“We’ve always known that our readers love shiny new toys,” says editor-in-chief Tom Dunmore (pictured). “But the way that they’re buying and using gadgets has undergone a radical transformation, and we’ve changed to reflect that.

“Gadget lovers are increasingly demanding more: they don’t just want to play with something for half an hour then stick it in a drawer – they want to load it up with apps, accessorise it, hack it and show it off to their mates. So the new Stuff is packed with more useful buying info, more geek tricks, more future tech, more software and web apps – and more gadget joy.”

The redesigned Stuff will also feature more editorial opinion and comment boxes alongside product reviews, and new infographics that make technical specifications more engaging and visual.

According to the publishers, Stuff’s features and designs are the culmination of an exhaustive eight-month redesign process, which began with extensive reader research that showed that gadget lovers’ passion for technology was undiminished by recession.

“People weren’t asking for us to cover bargain-basement gear,” says Stuff’s editor, Fraser Macdonald. “In fact, they wanted deeper knowledge of our hero products like the iPhone and PS3, including how to make more of them and what’s in store for the next generation of those products.”

The redesign also coincides with a reshuffle in team structure to integrate the print and online teams.