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Content Production & User Experience 

Suppliers spotlight

Welcome to our latest special feature, this time looking at all aspects of content production and the user experience (UX). All of the insights and opinions come from leading suppliers to the publishing sector and from senior executives at UK publishing companies.

By James Evelegh

Suppliers spotlight

This special feature on content production and user experience has five sections:



User Experience (UX)

Top Tips

Suppliers Spotlight

The following suppliers all contributed to our ‘content production and user experience’ special feature and all provide specialist services to publishers:


Atex is a leading software company, committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalised, localised, collaborative, contextually relevant and available on-demand.

Desk is a web-based solution to manage the production of digital and print publications for newspapers and magazines.

Cross-advertising is a cloud-based solution providing end-to-end multi-channel advertising management covering the whole advertising process.

Kayak is a comprehensive system for managing subscriptions and distribution. It is a tool for managing customer service, invoicing, accounts receivable, marketing and sales related to printed and digital products and services.

ACE is an API-first, multi-channel content management system developed by Atex to let publishers enjoy the many advantages of the headless CMS architecture.

With hundreds of customers worldwide, Atex solutions power the whole content and advertising management workflow, from production to delivery on digital and print channels, of some of the most prestigious, high-performing, award-winning media-focused companies.

Bishops Printers

Bishops Printers is a family-run business that produces printing and mailing services for 160 independent publishers and publishing companies. Located in the seafront city of Portsmouth, our 85,000 sq. ft facility is capable of producing 5.4 million perfect bound books and 63.5 million saddle stitched magazines a year. In addition to a graphic design agency, we own an ISO 27001 certified mailing house located just a mile away, which is very handy for tight turnarounds.

98% of our customers say they would recommend us because we’re really good at what we do, and we look after you. Quality print, competitively priced, delivered on time.


Canvasflow – A Digital Publishing Platform to Supercharge your content.

Welcome to a world of creativity with the all-in-one digital publishing platform.

Whilst there are abundant ways to create and publish content in today’s world of information overload, the Canvasflow team discovered that there wasn’t a simple solution that allowed anyone with little-to-no training to publish digital content to their heart’s desire – not efficiently anyway.

Existing solutions on the market were either too basic, too complex, or too resource-intensive, putting unnecessary pressure – and publishing restraints – on teams across the world.

Canvasflow changes the status quo.

With a passion for creativity, a love of mobile and a commitment to accessibility, the team has created a frictionless, no-code platform, offering rich integrations for seamless multi-channel publishing.

Today, Canvasflow offers a wide range of content solutions and is trusted by a growing global clientele of agencies, brands, and publishers.

We make the simple, powerful.


Creative production partners, EKCS provide support to publishers and media companies in the UK and North America. Clients include Newsquest Media Group, National World Publishing (formerly JPIMedia), McClatchy and Postmedia. Their 500+ experienced staff work as extended teams to deliver at any scale, in any format, 24/7.

Media companies and publishers come to EKCS for cross-channel creative production and campaign management across print, digital and video. Many clients use MediaFerry, an award-winning, cloud-based workflow management solution exclusive to EKCS. This system enables publishers to order, track, proof, approve and effectively manage their projects and creative assets. All while saving time and cost.

In addition, MediaFerry eVouchering enables a cost-effective solution for publishers to track their digital and print advertisements in an easy-to-use way. Publishers using eVouchering can see savings of around 60% compared to the current products on the market.


eMagazines provides magazine publishers with the technology and services needed to produce and deliver their premium digital magazine content. eMagazines’ proprietary software solutions quickly reformat (or “reflow”) a publisher’s print-version PDF into a beautiful, easy-to-navigate mobile device experience so publishers can expand monetisation opportunities of their magazine content.

  • Readers appreciate beautiful mobile-first digital editions
  • Publishers appreciate our fully managed services
  • Partners appreciate how easy it is to license magazine content from premium brands
  • Journalists and designers appreciate when their content is shown off in a beautiful, digital format.


interconnect is an independent web design and development studio and consultancy based in the UK. Our ethos is that the problems of a client are also our problems and that it’s by working together and developing long term relationships that we bring success to each other.

Founded in 1996, we set out initially as publishers planning to create content for the web, before realising that we were better at software production than content production! However, we did learn what was hard in publishing, and how the industry works.

After some years buried deep in corporate anonymity, we began offering our services to the wider industry from 2006 and realigned around open source software.


At OpenAthens, we make it easy for people to access knowledge through single sign-on. Our mission is to enable people to achieve great things by connecting them to knowledge and information, whenever and wherever they need it.

We strive to be the world’s most user-friendly single sign-on experience and help more than 2,600 organisations worldwide to provide simple and secure access to online resources for their end users. Get in touch to find out more about how we support publishers.


Papermule is a boutique IT consultancy with extensive solutions and experience, both operationally and technically, in publishing, advertising, planning and production environments. We understand your needs and use our in-depth knowledge and flexible, personal approach to define, develop, deliver and then support smart, reliable and effective solutions.

We can introduce tools that will enable you to save time and eliminate waste and provide an efficient, right-first-time workflow. Our scalable solutions cover variable workflow stages from inception through to production output and can be easily tailored to improve often bespoke requirements.

Used and recommended by many in the industry, we are flexible (scalable solutions to suit the scope, budget and scale of your requirements), experienced (technically competent, practically / operationally very experienced too – “we get it” – which means we are proactive and practical) and personal (fantastic service, we get to know you, you get to know us, collaborate, go that extra mile).


WoodWing, a trusted partner to leading publishing brands for over 20 years, eliminates creative process inefficiencies, enabling them to prioritise strategy, storytelling and standing out from the competition.

Our flagship solutions, WoodWing Studio (multi-channel content production) and WoodWing Assets (digital asset management), provide an integrated experience for creating, collaborating and managing vast amounts of multi-channel content, accelerating time to market.

Renowned companies like Hearst, Forbes, Bauer, Time Magazine, Aller Media, Yaffa Media and Axel Springer rely on our expertise.

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