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The Week celebrates 20th Anniversary with sampling campaign

Dennis Publishing’s current affairs title The Week turns 20 today, celebrating with an exclusive industry party at No4 Hamilton Place and the largest sampling campaign in the title’s history.

The Week magazine takes only the best articles from the global online and print media and expertly edits them together, giving readers a balanced and concise view of the news from the past seven days, says Dennis Publishing.

The UK edition of the magazine was launched in 1995 by ex-Sunday Telegraph deputy-editor Jolyon Connell. Shortly after its launch Felix Dennis, the late owner of Dennis Publishing, sent Jolyon Connell a note congratulating him on the success of The Week and invited him to share a beer in celebration. One thing lead to another and by the end of the evening Felix had invested in the magazine, later taking full ownership, with Jolyon Connell remaining involved.

The Week is one of the fastest growing print magazines of the last decade. In the UK alone, says Dennis, the magazine has had 33 consecutive circulation increases since launch to a current ABC of 200,096 and won a range of awards including Magazine of the Year.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary on Friday 15th May, 100,000 issues of the magazine will be distributed for free in key travel points including London, Bristol, Edinburgh Birmingham and Manchester. The issue is in partnership with Rolex and will feature a cover wrap sponsored by the luxury brand.

A social media campaign will run alongside the sampling across the UK, offering a free copy to anyone who uses the hashtag #trytheweek.