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Canvasflow announces release of v3

Canvasflow has announced the release of Canvasflow 3.0, its cloud-based content authoring and management platform.

Canvasflow announces release of v3

In the first update of 2018, Canvasflow sees the release of v3 - bringing with it a host of new features and improvements, says the company. With a continued focus on improving the HTML5 content creation experience, this update adds new publishing channels while further enriching integrations with existing platforms, Twixl and Pugpig.

The release also sees new features revolving around WordPress publishing and on-demand PDF generation.

WordPress Publishing

Canvasflow has developed tools to help users capitalise on the popularity of the WordPress platform.

Taking advantage of the existing Canvasflow API, the new plugin enables users to push existing content directly to Canvasflow. Publishers can then transform, enhance and publish to multiple different channels.

This release also sees the addition of a new WordPress channel, enabling content to be published directly to any WordPress site, while providing full control over how content is transformed. Publishing to WordPress is simple and requires no technical setup, says Canvasflow.

Richer Platform Integrations

Building on its integration with Twixl Publisher, this update adds thumbnail and metadata management for Twixl collections - particularly useful for publishers working with issue-based publications.

V3 also sees seamless switching between staging and production apps and enhancements to Twixl collection navigation. These improvements enable users to work entirely in Canvasflow, removing the need to switch platforms or manage multiple app instances for the same publication.

The Pugpig Publish channel integration has also seen a number of key enhancements - from new publication tools to improved control over content. Pugpig users now have full control over issue order and promotion status, page type meta data, and ToC styling.

This update is a key step forward for Canvasflow in continuing to simplify the digital workflow for publishers - both big and small, while increasing publishing options available, says the company.

Canvasflow Product Manager & Co-Founder Gareth Jones said: “With the v3 release and new WordPress plugin, we focused on making it simple for small publishers - or those with restricted resources - to repurpose existing content and exploit new opportunities via different digital channels.”

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