CELEBRITY! The heat Portrait Collection

For the first time, heat is flinging open the doors to its extensive archive of celebrity portraits and presenting a selection of original photographs in a brand new exhibition.

heat magazine has played a major role in shaping the way celebrity is represented, understood and talked about in British culture, with unprecedented access to gazillions of the biggest names on the planet, says the publisher.

CELEBRITY! The heat Portrait Collection will run at The Brunswick Gallery, Bloomsbury from 27 November until 10 December.

Curated by heat’s deputy editor Jeremy Mark, over 60 of the magazine’s most talked about images will be on display, including seminal celebrity portraits of the last decade, depicting some of the world’s most famous faces in situations that you’d (and probably they’d) never expect.

Jordan is captured scanning melons at a supermarket checkout; James Corden reclines wearing nothing but tiny underpants; Girls Aloud are transformed into a group of outrageous grey-haired bingo grannies.

According to the publisher, this massively entertaining exhibition brings to life the magazine’s excitable, quirky, honest and often irreverent voice that has captured the imaginations of the stars. From Simon Cowell and Daniel Radcliffe to Sir Alan Sugar and Paris Hilton, the heat Portrait Collection is striking, surprising and often laugh-out-loud funny, encapsulating the magazine’s unique take on the fascinating and amazing world of celebrity.

Jeremy Mark commented: "There aren't many magazines that have both the cultural influence and the amazing archive to create an exhibition like this.

“The Collection really is a celebration of 'celebrity', and a testament to the ongoing role heat plays in the UK's ever deepening relationship with it. For anybody who has an interest in modern British culture - or who just likes looking at astounding and often hilarious pictures of very famous people - it will be well worth a visit."