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Haymarket appoints Group Data Protection Officer

Sara Howers has been appointed Group Data Protection Officer for Haymarket Media Group.

Formerly Head of Operations working in Haymarket’s Hong Kong and Singapore offices, Sara is experienced in the collection and use of personal data across multiple territories. As the new Group Data Protection Officer, Sara will be overseeing the UK-based Data Operations team to ensure that data is collected, processed and used compliantly.

Reporting to Brian Freeman, newly-appointed Group Finance Director, Sara will also ensure that Haymarket’s policies and processes balance commercial opportunity with an 'audience first' approach, ensuring all divisions meet agreed standards and comply with legislation.

Brian Freeman said: “With our audiences being a vital part of our Group Growth Plan and business strategy, it is imperative that customer data is collected and used compliantly. As our brands attract increasing global audiences, it is essential that we handle this data appropriately.

“The appointment of a Global Data Compliance Officer is crucial in assisting in growth and demonstrates the importance Haymarket places on dealing with customer data correctly.

“Sara brings a wealth of experience to this role and her attention to detail will ensure we are abreast of legislative change affecting our audience data.”