LEIPA enters paper wrap market

LEIPA has entered the paper wrap market with a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable water-resistant wrap.

LEIPA enters paper wrap market

For many years, polywrap was the wrapping material of choice – lightweight, strong, and weather-resistant, it was extremely effective to enclose direct mail options in one combined pack. Then along came paper wrap, an environmentally sustainable alternative.

And increasing numbers of publications have switched and paper wrap lines have been growing throughout the UK.

But, says LEIPA, offering the consumer a recyclable paper product is no longer enough. Now, the focus is increasingly placed on the recycled content of a product; what is the purpose of recycling if not to introduce recycled products back into the lifecycle?

Already offering 100% recycled paper solutions for magazines, flyers, etc, LEIPA now launches into the paper wrap market with a 100% recycled and recyclable product.

According to LEIPA, recycled content and recyclability continue a powerful journey, creating a closed loop contributing to the circular economy approach with its sustainable lifecycle.

Additionally, through its flexible packaging division, LEIPA has combined their paper and packaging expertise to offer a water-resistant paper wrap option to the UK market. Along with the support of the OPRL, this new product offers the ‘widely recycled’ logo presenting clear and concise messaging to the consumer, whilst protecting the packed goods, says LEIPA.

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