PPA re-launches Just Ask initiative

The PPA’s Retail Marketing Group has re-launched Just Ask, its Shop Save and Home News Delivery (HND) initiative.

The re-launched initiative, which features redesigned point of sale material, will be trialled in the Nottingham area from Monday, October 19.

Just Ask is designed to encourage customers to order magazines and newspapers to be shop saved or home delivered in order to drive sales. It is a recognised brand for promoting Shop Save and HND, and is a good communication tool for highlighting the breadth and depth of magazine titles that are available to customers, even if they can’t be displayed in-store.

The packs contain Just Ask branded shelf talkers and two posters that can be used to dress magazine displays to advertise the initiative to customers. One of the posters advertises both Shop Save and HND, and one advertises Shop Save alone. Retailers are asked to display the poster most relevant to their store offering. A best practice guide is also included to help retailers get the most out of Shop Save and HND.

By engaging customers in the initiative retailers can increase customer numbers, increase footfall and impulse purchases, and promote loyalty to their store. Just Ask enables retailers to effectively increase the range of titles sold and create a real point of difference over other outlets.

For the trial, packs are going to be walked in to around 100 independent stores by Smiths News representatives. Packs will be sent out to a further 700 independents via tote boxes and the group is asking that NFRN members look out for these packs and display the point of sale material around their magazine fixture. A questionnaire will be carried out before and after the three month trial to gauge how effective the extra push for Shop Save and HND has been on driving sales.

A second trial will be carried out in the early part of 2010 which will test the impact on sales of an additional above the line marketing campaign. The group hopes to roll out the initiative nationally if it proves to make a significant difference.

Nicola Rowe (pictured), director of circulation at PPA, said: “PPA believes that the independent retail sector is hugely important for magazine sales and there is untapped potential for growing sales in the areas of Shop Save and Home News Delivery (HND).

“Shop Save enables retailers to order any magazine via wholesale from the full range of over 3,000, irrespective of whether they already stock it. This offering gives independent retailers a real point of difference from the multiple grocers by providing niche and specialist titles that fit their specific customer base.”

To request a new Just Ask point of sale pack, call Kate McElroy on 020 7400 7529 or email at

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