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SABLOS launches as a new travel resource

SABLOS, a new international travel magazine, app and website that talks to inspiring people about the places they love in the cities they live, aims to disrupt travel media.

SABLOS launches as a new travel resource
Saul Taylor: "We believe people make places and our intention is to bring travel media back to life by using local voices to evoke the spirit of a destination.”

SABLOS says it is a new vision of travel that offers its members a unique perspective on the world. SABLOS is a travel resource informed by an extensive list of global creators, innovators, makers and doers.

An antidote to anonymous tips posted on search engines and travel apps, SABLOS is the “where’s where of the who’s who” that speaks to the world’s most inspiring people about the places they love in the cities they live, added the publisher.

Compiled in print and online, SABLOS aims to inspire its readers with profiles of these creative forces, framed by places that shape their lives and influence their work, thus helping readers navigate the globe like a local, at home or away.

SABLOS was created by Saul Taylor, an ex-editor at Wallpaper* and a founding editor of Monocle magazine, with over 20 years of experience and access to an influential, international group of individuals shaping a more creative, positive and responsible world.

Written, photographed, illustrated, filmed and animated by a network of contributors Taylor has built around the world, SABLOS says it prides itself on supporting established creatives and breaking new talent.

While most online travel guides and apps are informed by anonymous tips or reviews that are written by faceless members of the public, SABLOS is curated by a team of experienced international editors and writers.

What sets SABLOS apart, the publisher continued, is the source of our recommendations from the world’s most inspiring people who define contemporary society, art, music, design and commerce, and who foresee where the world is headed.

A quarterly print publication forms the soul of the project and is available to subscribers, in selected book shops and on prime international newsstands. “If you look at mainstream travel media it is awash with pretty pictures of beaches, street corners and dishes of food, but rarely any of the local community. We believe people make places and our intention is to bring travel media back to life by using local voices to evoke the spirit of a destination,” says Taylor.

The launch issue includes travel and style news; hotel openings; essays and opinion; fashion editorial; breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks in Barcelona with entrepreneur Javier Marset; a weekend in Edinburgh with the owners of Bard; a day off in LA with creative director Fredrik Peterhoff; and dinner in São Paulo with fashion designer Cris Barros + much more. Launch advertisers include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, Loro Piana, Panerai and BMW.

Beautifully designed and artfully packaged, the art direction is carefully considered. “We first chose the compass as an icon because the brand is a guide to inspiring people and their places. We then worked with Extratype on a typographic family that appears in handcrafted applications across the publication. We believe it is important that the magazine convey a sense of warmth that connects special people with unique places on an editorial journey,” says creative director Borja Martínez of Lo Siento studio.

Frustrated by anonymous reviews and misleading details on search engines and web-based trip advisories, the publisher decided it was time to create a trusted resource that people could rely on when they explore the cities they visit or call home.

Currently in development, the SABLOS app will allow its users to navigate those cities in real time by pinpointing recommendations they have learned from the most inspiring people in the world. The publisher says features of the app will include: Tips, reviews, categorised search, booking, benefits, and rewards.

The SABLOS website is a vehicle for rich media — film, programmes and podcasts — that brings the printed word to life, the publisher expanded. Delving deeper into the lives of their subjects around the globe with glorious audio-visuals, their online portal features original stories and content that supports and enhances the magazine. The website also serves as an archive and an interactive guide to the people and places they feature.

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