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PPA comments on response to AI Whitepaper

The Government has published its response to the AI White Paper, setting out its next steps for its ‘pro-innovation’ regulatory approach to AI.

PPA comments on response to AI Whitepaper
Sajeeda Merali: “It’s encouraging to see that the Government has recognised that transparency is essential."

The PPA says this paper is being closely monitored by them as the use of AI tools directly impacts the publishing sector. Concern amongst members centres around the fact that AI tools can currently directly access and repurpose PPA member original content without reimbursement.

On copyright, the Government said that “trust and transparency between parties, with greater transparency from AI developers in relation to data inputs and the attribution of outputs” was needed. While the Government has not committed explicitly to introducing new regulatory instruments for AI and transparency, it did commit to “exploring mechanisms for providing greater transparency so that rights holders can better understand whether content they produce is used as an input into AI models”.

PPA Chief Executive Sajeeda Merali responded: “It’s encouraging to see that the Government has recognised that transparency is essential. Our members need to understand how much of their content is being lifted by this technology, and how it is being used. It is imperative that PPA members are able to assert their copyright and protect their journalism as a trusted source.

“We urge the Government to move quickly and work with the creative sectors to identify solutions and next steps, as in the meantime publishers’ content continues to be used at scale without payment or retribution.”

The PPA says it continues to engage with the Government on the need for a pathway to transparency from AI developers so that publishers’ copyrights can be realised.

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