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Acast to open up Acast+ to all podcasters

Following a successful beta, Acast, a podcasting platform, announced its Acast+ offering is now widely available to all podcasts hosted with Acast.

Acast to open up Acast+ to all podcasters
Ross Adams: “As we’ve seen in the beta phase, there’s significant money to be made.”

Available in 135 countries, Acast+ is a raft of subscription tools created to support podcasters across most podcast listening apps.

Acast+ demonstrates Acast’s creator-first mission by giving podcasters of all sizes creative freedom and even more ways to connect with their listeners and make money from their craft, says Acast.

With Acast+, podcasters can offer paying subscribers ad-free streams, early access, exclusive content such as bonus segments, whole exclusive episodes, spin-off series, and much more.

According to Acast, the beta period saw 25 Acast shows across eight different markets engaging with fans and increasing their revenue through Acast+. With tens of thousands of listeners signing up (and a 40% leap in subscribers from November to December 2021 alone), beta partners saw an average revenue increase of 25% within the testing period.

The Acast+ beta suggests that subscription programs that focus on producing bonus content, in addition to having a strong presence and activity on social media, resonate with listeners the most. This combination converted in some cases up to 5% of listeners to paying subscribers during the testing phase. One notable beta partner — The Tommy, Hector, and Laurita Show, based in Ireland — converted nearly 7% of its total regular audience to paying subscribers, resulting in a 46% boost in recurring revenue.

In addition to driving additional revenue, beta partners have also used the opportunity to develop their listener relationships. Daily US podcast The Bert Show uses Acast+ to give fans a look behind the scenes, bringing them closer to its presenters and production, and driving fan loyalty.

Acast+ is an important part of Acast’s future growth and scaling plans, and will support the company in growing and diversifying its own revenue streams. Going forward, Acast will generate c.15% revenue per listener contribution. These revenues will be accounted for net of the podcaster’s share in Acast’s financial statements, says the company.

As Acast+ becomes available to all podcasters on Acast, the next stage of the product roll-out will include providing additional formats, such as bundling and seasonal offerings.

Acast CEO, Ross Adams said: “Acast+ gives all podcasters even more ways to get closer to their audiences, providing them with richer data to better understand their listenership and shape their future content.

“And, as we’ve seen in the beta phase, there’s significant money to be made — this launch is an important step in supporting creators to keep making the shows people love, and protecting the open podcasting ecosystem.”

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