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eMagazines launches eMags Studios for publisher audio solutions

eMagazines, a digital editions provider, has launched eMags Studios, a seamless audio service for publishers.

eMagazines launches eMags Studios for publisher audio solutions
Stephanie Solomon: “Audio is a critical tool for reader engagement.”

“In early testing with audio narrations, we immediately saw engagement increase within the digital editions we create for our clients,” said Andrew Degenholtz, Founder and President. “Consumers are listening to content now more than ever and adding the option to listen to articles from top magazine brands is a natural next step.”

eMags Studios allows magazine publishers to transform text content into high-production value audio without changing their existing workflow, allowing subscribers to integrate magazine journalism into their lives in new ways, says the company.

The eMags Studios team is set up to create and produce professional narrations of articles using in-house talent, or by working with magazine publishers to capture existing editorial voices virtually. Publishers also have the option to produce their own audio and have eMags Studios add elements like music, voice intros and sound effects.

“Audio is a critical tool for reader engagement. eMagazines provides a turn key solution for effective and efficient distribution. We’re excited about the possibilities,” says Stephanie Solomon, CRO of Foreign Affairs magazine.

In addition to voiceover production, eMagazines digital editions are now integrated with the Amazon Polly Neural Text-to-Speech voice service to provide high quality spoken audio for all magazine articles. This lifelike audio is also a valuable tool to accommodate customers who are visually impaired, says eMagazines.

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