Puzzler Media unveils magazine dedicated to mindfulness

‘Puzzler Presents… Picture Puzzles for Mindfulness’ is the third title in a new puzzle series from Puzzler Media, which looks to seamlessly combine puzzles and activities with specialist topics.

Puzzler Media unveils magazine dedicated to mindfulness
Shameem Begg: “We’re proud to have led the way in puzzle innovation.”

Shameem Begg, Puzzler Media’s head of Innovations, said: “Over the past year, wellness and mental health wellbeing have come to the fore. We’ve also seen an increased demand for puzzles, and the noticeable gap in the market for a puzzle magazine using solely image-based puzzles did not escape us. We knew we could bring something unique to market – a stylish collection of puzzles custom made to nurture mindfulness and relaxation. We wanted the presentation to contribute to the mindful experience as much as solving the puzzles themselves.”

“We’re proud to have led the way in puzzle innovation to launch Puzzler Presents… Picture Puzzles for Mindfulness. It emphasises the importance of finding time in our busy lives for ourselves, to ensure our wellbeing, feed our creativity, and put our minds to something beyond the everyday – something very much needed at this time.”

Published 10 times a year, each issue in the Puzzler Presents series has a different theme, catering to the compelling demand for offline pursuits, say the publishers. The new title follows on from ‘Cracking Christmas Puzzles’ and ‘Mind Gym Puzzles’.

'Puzzler Presents…Picture Puzzles for Mindfulness' goes on sale 10 February, priced £5.99.

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