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Launch: Magazzn

Magazzn, a new platform for publishing digital editions to mobile phones, has just been launched.

Launch: Magazzn
Mark Lesbirel: “The options for publishing magazine shaped content hasn’t changed since the 1990s.”

Magazzn is a new platform for publishing magazines, newsletters and reports to mobile phones.

The platform is aimed at organisations who publish shorter form content, such as hobby and specialist magazines, corporate magazines, charity and sustainability publications, fanzines, campus and local magazines.

The company describes the platform as a “21st century upgrade to PDF or ‘pagey flippy’ digital magazines”.

Mark Lesbirel, founder of Magazzn, says: “The options for publishing magazine shaped content hasn’t changed since the 1990s. We’ve rethought this and believe there’s now room for an upgrade.

“Publishers can now create and publish their own magazine in hours, no need for expensive PDF artwork or troublesome and spam friendly email HTML.

“Mobile apps are the go to platform of choice for consumers, so why publish content in a cluttered email channel or unreadable ‘pagey flippy’ formats?”

How it works

According to Magazzn, the process works as follows: Once signed up, digital editions can be created via the website using a simple and familiar content management system (CMS). No ‘coding’ or HTML is required. Each ‘Issue’ can contain as many pages as required which can be formatted using colours, fonts and images. The CMS automatically creates imprint and contents pages to match the masthead and in house style. Once you have created your ‘Issue’ this is published in the Magazzn app, accessible via a QR code and short link. Existing subscribers are notified via Push that a new issue is available. Issue archives are searchable in app. Added value content, subscription pages and more can also be included.