New art annual launched

Artists & Illustrators has announced the launch of new art annual for 2022, Painting Made Easy.

New art annual launched
Painting Made Easy is a 108-page guide teaching people how to paint. Photograph: The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd.

Painting Made Easy, published by The Chelsea Magazine Company, is a 108-page guide teaching people how to paint, covering a variety of subjects including portraits, landscapes, still life, wildlife and flowers in a range of media such as oils, acrylics and watercolour/gouache, says the publisher.

Painting Made Easy is an art guide for all beginner and amateur artists keen to hone their craft, whatever their style or favoured medium. It opens with a 'Basic Skills' section, covering topics such as blending and tonal studies as well as tricks for painting en plein air. From there, it leads into an 'Inspiration' segment which includes 31 bite-size tips on how to boost your creativity.

Next up, there’s a 'How To' and 'How I Paint' category whilst Jake Spicer has compiled a 'Figure Drawing' workshop series, featuring clear and precise instructions on how to paint the different elements of the body.

Interspersed throughout are one-off features offering painting advice from creating new textures by using mixed media to what to consider before booking an online art course. This new art magazine is full of practical and constructive advice that will become a resource for all budding artists, says The Chelsea Magazine Company.

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