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The Debrief creates geotargeted conversations around London

Bauer Media yesterday launched a hyper-targeted, dynamic outdoor brand campaign for The Debrief - the digital lifestyle brand for 20-something women.

The success of The Debrief is anchored in a deep understanding of what this highly valuable millennial audience is thinking about 24/7, developing clever native branded content for brands to engage with them in a truly authentic way, says Bauer Media.

Over a two week period this campaign will showcase the power of The Debrief’s unique content using digital messaging to deliver over 90 different executions featuring playful and provocative conversation-starters. The outdoor campaign will use geotargeting at over 100 digital outdoor sites in London in partnership with Clear Channel, as well as pushing real-time location-specific messaging reacting to where the consumer is and what they are doing throughout the day.

Developed by Gravity Road, the creative is based on live content from The Debrief as well as broader conversation-starters that convey the brand’s authentic editorial voice.

Hattie Brett, Editor of The Debrief, commented: “We have a deep understanding of our audience and this campaign really brings to life the relevance of The Debrief. The use of dynamic outdoor technology means we can tailor conversation and content from across the site and turn it into creative moments in advertising. Mirroring the editorial approach, these moments speak to our audience appropriately at key points throughout the day using subjects we know they are passionate about.”

Chris Pelekanou, Commercial Director, Clear Channel UK said: “This is a very ambitious use of our digital London estate – it’s a brilliant example of generating creative copy that is hyper-targeted at this scale across London. Millennial women are the perfect audience for this dynamic technology, so The Debrief is the ideal brand to be working with on this campaign.”

Mark Eaves, Founder, Gravity Road, said: “It's a campaign that's been written by a girl in her twenties (Lucy Hancock) for the enjoyment of other girls in their twenties. That's why it feels so fresh, funny and is a true demonstration of what The Debrief is about. Watch out for lots of provocative conversation starters and insights into life across the streets of London, 24/7.”

Richard Dunmall, Group Managing Director of Advertising at Bauer Media, added: “We're at the forefront of consumer media and taking bold moves to capitalise on our success of innovation in content. This campaign really showcases how The Debrief continues to lead the way with native projects with brands such as Bacardi, O2, Levi’s and Rimmel, all of whom recognise the importance of speaking to this valuable audience in a direct, authentic and immersive way.”